Therapy for Adults

Individual therapy is available for adults of all ages. Individual therapy may address anxiety and stress management, mood issues, communication skills, and trauma resolution as well as managing challenging transitions in life. Life, careers, marriage, and building a family provide meaning and deep joy to our lives; they can also be challenging. Therapy provides a nonjudgmental place to be heard and a place to acquire skills for enduring resiliency long after therapy ends. It is never too late to change patterns in thinking, relating, and behaving. In fact, therapy improves social-emotional intelligence, the factor most linked to life success.
In a world where so many things are “therapeutic”, it is important that the right type of therapy is being used in treatment. Green Hills Family Psych providers utilize evidence-based techniques including but not limited to CBT,TF-CBT, and EMDR.

Ragan Graves, Dr. Potter, and Lina Roberts provide therapy for adults.