Our Story 

Founded by psychiatrist Dr. Dana D. Verner and psychologist Dr. Katie Herrington, Green Hills Family Psych was born from their desire to provide the highest quality, multi-disciplinary, evidence-based mental health care for children, adults and families. Dr. Verner's and Dr. Herrington's extensive training and experience instilled in them a shared commitment to whole person care across the lifespan. Green Hills Family Psych joins care for the heart with care for the mind to help individuals lead their most courageous lives.


Green Hills Family Psych represents an innovative model of care that serves individuals of all ages, as well as families, and offers a wide range of services in one location. We are a group of experienced professionals and lifelong learners who are constantly working as a team to stay on the cutting edge of research and to sharpen each other’s skills. We seek to provide interventions that help our patients navigate life’s inevitable stresses and empower our patients for a lifetime of resilience and success. We enjoy collaborating together to optimize treatment and achieve the best possible outcomes for our patients.

With compassion and knowledge, our team at Green Hills Family Psych will partner with you to help you reach your personal goals. We are committed to giving you the best care because you are worth it and because we love what we do. Our commitment to healing hearts and minds can make the difference you are seeking for you and your family.