Medication Management

Dr. Dana D. Verner and Dr. Cory Savoie bring over 25 years of combined experience to their medication approach to treatment. Dr. Verner and Dr. Savoie draw on their medical background and medication expertise to optimize outcomes for their patients, while maximizing safety and minimizing risks. Dr. Verner and Dr. Savoie deeply appreciate the power of medication to benefit patients, as well as the need to be discriminating and cautious in its use. They work to stay informed about the latest research and evidence related to medication options to best help their patients. 

Medication is one of many helpful and evidence-based approaches to intervention for a range of mental health issues including anxiety disorders, mood disorders, ADHD, behavioral and developmental disorders. Medication is rarely used alone as a sole intervention because the best outcomes tend to be achieved when it is prescribed in unison with the correct therapy modalities, as well as healthy lifestyle changes and proper self-care.